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Stop smoking - use hypnosis to break a habit

Stop smoking. How many times have you wished you could do that? Many people from all walks of life have been trying to kick the habit for years. Some use patches to quit smoking while others go for plain old will power. Very often, a smoker returns to the habit or never completely stops smoking in the first place.

 Why is it so hard to give up smoking? 

There are two reasons why people continue to smoke. The first and most obvious is that it is a smoking habit. The second reason is that it is a smoking addiction. 

Smoking habits, like any other habit are hard to break because they have become a part of your life. A ritual, just like getting up in the morning, lighting a cigarette is just another thing that you do. You have even conditioned yourself when to smoke a cigarette, either when you are relaxing or when you are stressed. You tell yourself that you have to light a cigarette, you just cannot stop smoking. 

Smoking addiction occurs because of physical change. When you smoke a cigarette, you are giving your body nicotine and creating a mental ‘high’. Every time you try to stop smoking, you are not allowing your body to have that nicotine ‘fix’. This causes withdrawal symptoms and creates severe cravings. 

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.”

-New Scientist, 10/92

The most effective way to stop smoking;

 According to research, the most effective way to stop smoking is through hypnosis. D.C Hammond in his book Handbook of hypnotic suggestions and metaphors states that a single session hypnosis treatment to stop smoking produced about a 25% success rate, whereas about 66% of those engaging in at least 4-5 sessions of hypnosis quit smoking and stayed non-smokers after a 6-12 month period.

“I should have done it years ago…It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more.”

Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno,
-The Tonight Show, 12/04

A more recent study presented at annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians in October 2007 showed that hypnosis was more than twice as effective as going “cold turkey," and over three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy. The study showed that 50% of the subjects successfully quit smoking after one hypnosis session compared to 15.7% who used nicotine replacement methods.

 Multi sessions hypnotherapy has shown success rates up to 10 times those using other methods.

 What are the benefits to stop smoking?

 There are many benefits to kicking the habit, here are just some;

 Financial gain: a pack of cigarettes does not come cheap. Take the price of a pack and put it into a jar each day. Look at the money you are saving by not smoking.

 Better health: your state of health will begin to increase when you kick the habit. You will begin to feel better than you have in years.

 Mental attitude: think of the accomplishment, the sense of achievement of having reached a life-changing goal.

How do I get started?
The real question is, are you truly ready to become a nonsmoker? If you genuinely want to make that a reality just contact me now and we can make it happen. Call me at 716-836-7777 or click

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